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  1. SIDexplorer

    Question Probes to interstellar space

    What is preventing us from sending numerous tiny probes/orbiters into interstellar space, do we still lack the technology or courage? Since through gravity assist alone we can increase the speed of spacecrafts, why don't we send out many in various directions, with all the necessary instruments...
  2. alien117

    What do you think is the best Planet/Moon for human colonization?

    We all should know Kepler 425-b and Gliese 581d, and many more, but would do you think would be the best candidate? Planet? Moon? What do you think? My personal opinion is on Gliese 581 g.
  3. Advent Guard Life

    The Universe Solar-System comes after the Big-Bang in space.

  4. Bust

    I saw something strange

    Hello Five minutes ago I was staring at the stars with some binoculars and saw what I thought it was a meteorite, but it continued going down the galaxy untill I lost it. It took about 30 seconds to go from my 90º top vertical vision to a 0º horizontal (I was laying on the ground, looking up)...
  5. chaii latte

    Do any of you know anything about comet NEOWISE (2020 F3)? says it could reach 2nd magnitude in July and Wikipedia says that it will reach perihelion on July 3rd and expected to be visible to the naked eye. Besides that and the page, I can't find anything else.
  6. O

    Fun astronomy games

    Hi, I'm a high school teacher in IT and I'm interested in astronomy as a hobby. I make fun astronomy games in my spare time and I thought it would be appropriate to present them in this forum. Here is example for fun puzzle to sort the moons of Uranus :) Interactive Uranus moons
  7. M

    Question Why Don't We Feel The Earth's Rotation?

    In 1514 A.D Nicolaus Copernicus a polish astronomer postulated the theory, states that the Earth spins on its axis and revolves around the Sun. Since then it is a scientifically proved and well-known fact. later scientists were able to calculate that the Earth spins at a speed of about 1,000...
  8. M

    You've Heard of Black Holes. But 'White Holes' Might Blow Your Mind

    Most of us are aware of the black hole, what does it mean and what exactly it does and most recently scientists have revealed the first-ever image of a black hole. But have you ever thought is there any other type of structure similar to a black hole. Exactly, black hole is not the only type of...
  9. jsimenhoff

    Top 5 Most Interesting Astronomical Problems

    Science attempts to explain the universe using logical and tested hypotheses. But even though we’ve been studying the universe and everything in it for centuries, we still don’t know everything. We probably never will! Some of the strangest and most interesting mysteries that still plague the...