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  1. Saimun Siddiq

    How To How to study Astrophysics at home from beginning to master?

    I have a great interest on Astrophysics and Astronomy.I'm willing to start Astrophysics from very beginning to advanced level.So if anyone can give me suggestion how can i start i will be very grateful.
  2. J

    Question Question about Kepler's 2nd Law

    Hello All, Brand new here and super excited to geek out with you all about all things Space 🤓 I was doing some research regarding the upcoming Mars Perseverance launch tomorrow (yay!) Came across Kepler's 2nd Law of Motion which seems to indicate that the planetary orbital speed changes with...
  3. AnAverageIndianBoy

    Question I have a question about gravitational waves

    What happens when two gravitational waves collide ?????
  4. miafrasca_

    High school Astrophysics??

    Hi, so I'm currently a senior high school student and I'm doing a research project on Astrophysics. I just need help on picking a topic as I know there is a lot out there. I need a project idea that is current but not too challenging as I am limited with resources. Thanks.