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  1. X

    Partial Universe Theory with observations on Black Holes, Dark Matter & the Big Bang

    I'm curious to see how much the Webb telescope will prove or disprove my ideas once it is up & running. The Universe: The Universe is very old. Older than anyone has thought. Our Big Bang which occurred over 13 + Billion years ago is just a ripple in the time stream that is the Universe’s...
  2. Dratonia

    Distance is a timeline

    So, if the farther something is from us that we can see the older it is, does that mean that looking at things an ever increasing distance away is like looking at a timeline of the universe?
  3. Brad Watson - Miami

    Where Do Black Holes Lead? The Conglomerate - Universe Creation Theory The BIG Bang-Bit Bang was a supermassive white hole – inflation/expansion of energy-matter and information 13.8 billion years ago - spawned by a supermassive black hole at the heart of a galaxy in...
  4. T

    Expansion of The Universe

    I have been into the whole space scene for about 2 years now! It’s amazing to learn something new everyday in this community but here’s a question that may be a dumb one lol. When we say the universe is expanding are we saying just the trillions of galaxies are getting further apart or are is it...