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  1. J

    Redefining Electrons

    Our concept of electrons and their use in theories of physics is outdated, inaccurate and inadequate to explain in terms of our present knowledge and technology. It needs to be revamped. Even the most modern interpretation of quantum mechanics namely the hard interpretation of quantum mechanics...
  2. Q

    Tachyverse & Universe

    Tachyverse & Universe: I conceptualize tachyons as temporal photons. They do or are at least capable of moving through the tachyverse. Tachyons are the organizers of time. When we talk about time we generally reference it as a sequencing progress or the relationships to that sequence. The...
  3. Q

    Dark Matter 'Acid Test'

    Dark Matter 'Acid Test' Has anyone looked-for/found any exoplanets orbiting any star in the Omega Centauri globular cluster? Reportedly Omega Centauri, "...not only does Omega Cen contain DM with density as high as compact dwarf galaxies,...". https://arxiv.org/abs/1907.08564 So if an...
  4. Ed Stauffer

    Global warming due to dark matter

    Dark matter phase transitions could be a primary climate driver. If the solar system passes through an area of higher liquid dark matter content the planets cores would all receive more heat due to increased phase transitions thus heating the earth from the inside out. Heating of the planet...
  5. Ed Stauffer

    The topography of spacetime

    The topography of the universe over time and how it changes nothing but our perceptions. If dark matter changes states between a liquid and gaseous state then there would have been a time where almost all of the dark matter would have been in a liquid state due to the even temperature...
  6. B

    Resolution of the Dark Matter Mystery

    Dear Space.com, I have by several qualitatively different sources of evidence (planet 9, earth's water source, the 5 great extinction events, Tabby's star, disappearing and dormant black holes and disappearing planets, super puff planets, etc. and possibly the radio light filaments aligned to...
  7. M

    We predicted years ago that dark matter behaves wave-like

    Last month, a paper was published in Nature Astronomy by the University of Hong Kong, proving that dark matter is wave-like. This discovery marks a significant milestone in our understanding of this enigmatic substance. https://www.nature.com/articles/s41550-023-01943-9 “Einstein rings...
  8. X

    Partial Universe Theory with observations on Black Holes, Dark Matter & the Big Bang

    I'm curious to see how much the Webb telescope will prove or disprove my ideas once it is up & running. The Universe: The Universe is very old. Older than anyone has thought. Our Big Bang which occurred over 13 + Billion years ago is just a ripple in the time stream that is the Universe’s...
  9. V

    Question Where moment of inertia came from? Interaction with primordial matter that may be dark matter?

    How big bang and inflation from singularity result in introduction of spin to as-formed matter? This question was posted in...
  10. Ed Stauffer

    E=MC squared

    E is dark energy M is dark matter C squared is the expansion factor all it takes is for dark matter to be out of a gravity well and have the space to expand. If this is the case the universe will stop expanding when we run out of dark matter that is out of a gravity well.
  11. Ed Stauffer

    The barycenter of the solar system

    Does the location of the barycenter of the solar system cause the magnetic pole flip of the sun. As the planets orbit the barycenter moves from the Center of the sun to just above its surface. Sort of a Spirograph pattern with Jupiter having the largest effect. Jupiter takes 11.86 years to orbit...
  12. Ed Stauffer

    Dark matter to dark energy

    The link below is a good example of how I think dark matter and dark energy are related. https://phys.org/news/2020-11-sticky-electrons-repulsion.html Dark matter can be created in a star due to the high temperature and extreme gravity. When dark matter leaves the gravity well it does a phase...
  13. P

    Dark matter and dark energy are the reason for gravity

    Hi, If 85% of the universe is made of dark matter and dark energy therefore it is possible if it has a relationship with gravity. Gravity, mass, and energy are related to each other. Is this possible that dark matter and dark energy connect these three? Is this possible that dark matter and...
  14. D

    Is Dark Matter?

    THEORY: Is it possible that dark energy is the energy of gravitons unfettered quantumly from the matter that created them? Conversely, is it possible that dark matter is that matter which has lost some, but not all, of its gravitons?