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  1. M

    I caught the ISS transiting Jupiter! Here's how I did it.

    Hi! This is the first time for me posting here! On January 15th, 2022, I was talking to a friend in Cozumel who works at the Planetarium. She mentioned that the ISS was going to be near Jupiter that night, and I quickly grabbed my phone and used Ed Morana's ISS Transit Prediction app (You can...
  2. Makous

    Question I have a question on Jupiter

    I have a question on Jupiter . We know Jupiter have a big storm with wind and lightning. But for me in school we teach me that a lightning happend when he touch the groud (the highest point because he want to go to the fastest way possible) but Jupiter have no soil so where did it land ?
  3. akashrao

    life on jupiter

    life on earth evolved as per the doctrine and suitable to meet the acceleration due to gravity which stands at 9.8 m/s2 (second squared) ... this much gravitational pull suffices to hold and nurture an atmosphere which is conducive to life over some millions of years of evolution ... life on...