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  1. J

    Demystifying the 3 polariser experiment

    If the results of The Double Slit Experiment sound weird, there is yet another experiment that demonstrates quantum mechanics effects, that trumps everything else. As far as proofs of quantum mechanics goes, the 3 polariser experiment may be considered to be the ace in the hole...
  2. L

    Could This Be True?

    I have a question to ask people that know or understand a lot about the universe and mathematics. So the question is this: "If the reference point of light doesn't experience time due to time dilation at higher speeds, does this mean that time stops? If time would stop would this mean that...
  3. SIDexplorer

    Dark matter or something else

    Can it not be so that the dark matter we're looking for perhaps not even exist and the bindimg/repelling force might be space itself, since black holes collide and gravitational waves are generated, and the speed at which those waves travel can't surpass that of light, so it may be that those...
  4. J

    Can light travel forever?

    This is an interesting question, namely can a photon travel forever if nothing gets in its way? More importantly how does it travel these enormous distances. All our considerable experience with light and electromagnetic radiation goes to show that light follows the inverse square law while...