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  1. SIDexplorer

    Reality vs Consciousness

    What problems do we face today to tell reality and consciousness apart in terms of the former being a byproduct of the latter? If however consciousness is a construct of reality then why is it near impossible to create it artificially? If reality has always been the way it is then what is...
  2. imakevideogames

    Question Energy of a Low Earth Orbit collision - is this calculation correct?

    Hello, could someone kindly double check my math? Alternatively: is there a better place to post the request? My calculation: 50 gram mass (0.05 kg) Low Earth Orbit (~8 km/sec) Head on collision (relative velocity 16 km/sec) Kinetic Energy = 1/2 * mass * velocity_squared Kinetic energy...
  3. Trithinium


    Is it true that a craft traveling at the speed of light can no longer see light or dark from outside?