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  1. Hamptons Observatory

    "What's Up in the Summer Sky?" (A Free, Hybrid Event)

    Hamptons Observatory and the South Fork Natural History Museum are pleased to announce that on Thursday, June 27th at 7:30 PM, NASA Solar System Ambassador & Hamptons Observatory's Senior Educator, William Francis Taylor, MSc, will present a free, hybrid lecture, “What’s Up in the Summer Sky?”...
  2. bicknell1999

    I've created an animation!

    Hi guys I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post this, but my kids love space and since showing a interest i have made a kids space animation teaching them facts about space in a way that they might find entertaining. I thought I'd post it in this group just in case you have any little space lovers...
  3. Astro-guy

    Do you think humans should colonize other planets and exploit their resources, too?

    This is a moral question, which has been concerning me. I would like to know every ones opinions.
  4. Malibu Spacey

    Is it possible for us to discover habitable planets close to us?

    I’m a writer and currently writing a book that involves space travel to a potentially habitable planet. I’ve done lots of research of potentially habitable planets that we are already aware of and I am aware that scientists believe there to be billions of planets in the Milky Way alone. What...
  5. akashrao

    night sky

    name some constellations which the readers know and have seen in the night sky ... i for my part began in class 8 with orion or the hunter, and scanned the night skies with a torch in one hand and published maps in popular science books in the other ... it was very exciting ... i then found...
  6. lcarlson

    Welcome students, parents and educators!

    Hi there! You're probably here because schools are closed in many places around the world right now. We're glad you came by. This forum is for student questions or projects. We'll help you find the answers you need to keep learning! is loaded with amazing facts and info on all sorts...