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    Question Many alternate forms of space propulsion are currently being investigated why not this one?

    I am wondering has anyone considered using an in space rail to accelerate objects? Say 100g acceleration along 1k miles of track to 100kmph, maybe?
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    Question Propulsion

    Hello, This is probably a very dumb question, however, i was wondering if an electric air compressor would work in space and if so would it be an effiecient way to propel a rocket (connecting it to solar panels) so it has somewhat a self sustainable propulsion method? Or if there is similar...
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    Laser propulsion system - is it possible to tack?

    Hi everybody, I read that laser propulsion could, in future, propel spaceships without carrying enormous mass of fuel. And some beams of X-rays coming from space match such a propulsion of a theoretical extraterrestrial civilization (but natural explanations are possible). Now, as fair as I...
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    Question Using Side Thruster on a missile to create a angular acceleration

    Assume a rocket is standing on the ground with mass = 1000 kg, and near the top of rocket we apply a force of 100 N for say 1 sec,now assume that this is sufficient to tip rocket over/start tipping over. If the rocket is mid air and accelerating at 30 m/s^2, then likewise how much force would be...