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  1. L

    In a space mission, how many people are needed in the space vehicle?

    Hi! So I've been trying to find the answer through web surfing but can't seem to get a clear answer. How many people are needed for a "standard" space flight? And how is this number of people determined? The specific mission I have in mind is one where humans and raw or finished goods get back...
  2. alien117

    What do you think is the best Planet/Moon for human colonization?

    We all should know Kepler 425-b and Gliese 581d, and many more, but would do you think would be the best candidate? Planet? Moon? What do you think? My personal opinion is on Gliese 581 g.
  3. S

    Question No theory of quantum gravity

    Hi. I'm a biologist, but I have been reading books about physics and cosmology since I was young. So I'd like for someone who understands physics much better than me to answer my question. I've always considered the scientific method the best way we have to understand reality. Still I believe...