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  1. Question What is the farthest distance an animal has traveled in space?

    Filter or 'reducing valve' theory of mind suggests that the origin of consciousness/life could be the Neutrino particle. When life would be bound to a region around the Sun, then it may not be possible for animals to live on 🪐 Mars or to explore deep space. A feature of the biological cell...
  2. Malibu Spacey

    Is it possible for us to discover habitable planets close to us?

    I’m a writer and currently writing a book that involves space travel to a potentially habitable planet. I’ve done lots of research of potentially habitable planets that we are already aware of and I am aware that scientists believe there to be billions of planets in the Milky Way alone. What...
  3. J

    Laser propulsion system - is it possible to tack?

    Hi everybody, I read that laser propulsion could, in future, propel spaceships without carrying enormous mass of fuel. And some beams of X-rays coming from space match such a propulsion of a theoretical extraterrestrial civilization (but natural explanations are possible). Now, as fair as I...