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  1. P

    Starship landing

    Can someone please explain to me how it is possible to ensure that Starship can land on the moon without tipping over. It seems to have a high center of gravity and it seems impossible to ensure that it will land on a completely smooth level spot.
  2. StarmanG10

    How accurate is Elon's timeframe of the next Starship launch in 6-8 weeks?

    Elon says that Starship will launch in 6-8 weeks, but alot of people think overwise. Express your opinions, people!
  3. StarmanG10

    SpaceX Starship Launch Discussionn

    What it says. Try to keep on topic, thanks!
  4. D

    what will happen to Starship SN15 now

    In the past, NASA would provide returning spacecraft to states or museums. For example, Apollo Park in Lancaster CA is also home to a replica Apollo Space Capsule on loan from the Smithsonian Institute. As SpaceX is a private company, what are the plans for SN15?
  5. ProvidenceFX

    SN9 rocket short cinematic animation #wip1

    I posted this in another thread, but I think this place is more appropriate. A quick animation project I've working on. Spaceship's animation with a cinematic effect. View: