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    Question RHU Technology : how to implement them in rover or spacecrafts ?

    Hello everyone, I'm currently a student in an Aeronautic School in Paris, France. I would like to know if one of you knows some stuff about Radio Isotopic Heater (RHU - Radioisotopic Heat Unit) to heat component during cold nights in space or lunar missions (mainly electronic components) and...
  2. jennifergtt

    Tibetan Thangka—A form of art and religious symbol

    Tibet Thangka is getting more and more popular now, but still many people do n’t know what Thangka is? Thangka is a unique form of painting art in Tibetan culture. In 2006, Thangka was approved by the State Council and the Ministry of Culture for the first batch of national intangible cultural...

    Space has become day by day one of the most powerful reasons why human beings seek to reach unknown places, while we travel to what we do not know we still have an incredible planet to know.