10 years after the discovery of the Higgs boson, physicists still can't get enough of the 'God particle'

Jul 4, 2022
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I'm sticking to my "it's in the deep oceans earth crust/tectonic plates.Core was the result of the big bang theory in true supernova fashion. As ordinary Matter formed so did the dark matter deep down while it became cool & heated again with H20 forming..it was decaying now & emitting gamma rays that are still bouncing around in space feeding off particles & other decaying supernovas with h20 that was expelled from earth when that brown planet hit us & we fused with it basically creating another supernova effect more temperature changes. More gamma rays..More decaying & more dark matter & this is an uneven earth crust..tectonic plates moving bc the dark matter is turning into dark energy with it having interactions with hydrogen & gamma rays creating a plasma & this is all in the deep unexplored biosphere. With big ass Bio-luminous creatures that thrive in the dark deep ocean. All types of algae & polyps creating ongoing supply of oxgen. And storms are really brought on by the moons gravitational pull & the dark matters gravitational homeostasis the hot core spinning on an axis still causing under the surface little supernovas that cool decay & emit more excited gamma rays that shoot out the oxygen rich deep ocean & the barometric pressure is low so now these gamma rays just thriving off the electrical charge in the air as waves reach for the moons pull but the dark energies pull got the tide coming in hard & bam HOT ELECTRIFIED PLASMA AKA lightening now u all off balance. Don't have enough or too much metal & sodium..frequency all off. See..drink alkaline water & less processed food.