1st Artemis spacesuits to be worn on the moon will not return to Earth

Mar 16, 2023
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Sep 21, 2020
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So we, as a society or humankind, have learned nothing after polluting our planet, or our own space debris orbiting Earth. Now we need to do the same to the moon? I’m at a loss!
This not about pollution and if a person is at a loss they need mental health services. The actual question is rippoff of the taxpayers. A billion dollars for the space suits simply thrown out the door. This is the same attitude in the orginal moon landing which were simply publicity stunts to further the carreers of the big wigs back at NASA. If somebody actually wanted to establish a permanent presence on the moon one does not throw billions of dollars out the door on every trip. NASA actually wants to spend a billion to take down the space station rather than less than a million to boast it's orbit a bit to stay in orbit. Tens of billions thrown out the door.

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