25 best James Webb Targets

Jan 29, 2020
1000 JWST proposals have been pared down 1/4. My own criteria include avoiding some WMD secrets being uncovered, improving magnetic sensors for other applications, laser defence and entangled sensor arrays. The best of the chosen R+D belows looks like it would return $25B alone, with maybe another $15B to the plus for the remainder.
1611. - Ices in protoplanetary envelopes. 2074 -Brown Dwarfs. 1874-BD Pulsars. 2327 - a BD's weather. 1741 - Water in Habitable zones.
-all safer from afar planetary physics precursor observations.
2143 - Ambipolar diffusion in Pleiades.
- good magnet R+D.
1726 - 1987 Supernova. 1758 big galaxy. 2282. Lensing stars. 2073 big quasar. 2046 dark matter search.
-rare enough phenomena, high science risk/reward,
1568 - Solar System survey. 1658 Pluto climate, 1786 Moons of Uranus. 2211 Water in the asteroid belt. 2416 centaur ice production. 2537, 2550, 2574, outer solar system asteroids.
and the six best exo-earth missions. There is one for 3 rock types to search for, etc.


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