4 billion-year-old chunk of Earth's crust found below Australia

"When comparing our findings to existing data, it appears many regions around the world experienced a similar timing of early crust formation and preservation," Droellner said. "This suggests a significant change in the evolution of the Earth some four billion years ago, as meteorite bombardment waned, crust stabilized and life on Earth began to establish."

This picture in the report is contradicted or in conflict with other reports. Example, Giant meteorite strikes in Earth's distant history may have helped form continents, https://forums.space.com/threads/gi...istory-may-have-helped-form-continents.57185/

Some interesting problems developing between the geology department with all the impacts and giant impacts presented by the astronomy department for early Earth :) Even the age of the Earth used in the article to date the Earth as 4.54 billion years old "(The Earth is 4.54 billion years old.)" runs into issues with all the impacts now including when the giant impact took place to create the Moon. There are mass changes taking place between the proto-earth when it formed in the postulated accretion disc vs. fully formed Earth we live on today. Impacts, asteroids, meteorites, and other bodies are providing a very catastrophic view of the early Earth.

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