A capital debate: Should Earth's natural satellite be 'Moon' or 'moon'?

Oct 21, 2019
"This is simple English," said Clive Neal, a lunar authority at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences at the University of Notre Dame in Indiana.
"The name of Earth's only natural satellite is 'the Moon' — it is a proper noun, so it is spelled with a capital 'M.' End of story," Neal told Space.com.
If organizations profess to follow the English language, the Moon always has a capital 'M,' he added.
"Otherwise, they follow a language I am not familiar with," Neal said. "The Associated Press (AP) does not follow the English language (note: no capital letters!)," he said. "Phobos is a natural satellite of Mars — a moon. The Moon is the only natural satellite of Earth — it is a moon of Earth called the Moon."

Quite correct, "End of story" as he says. Associated Press are just plain wrong.
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Jan 21, 2020
"Moon" is singular. as in OUR Moon
"moon" refers to other planet's moons. Anyway, other moons tend to have specific names. And THOSE are Capitalized.
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Sep 9, 2020
Exactly the same in Spanish (as an example of the name of our satellite in other languajes):
1. "hay una luna de Jupiter llamada Calixto" (theres a moon of Jupiter called Calixto).
2. "Nuestra luna se llama Luna" (Our moon is called Moon).


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