A cat named Grudge is beaming into 'Star Trek: Discovery' season 3

Jul 10, 2020
There was another alien in TOS that changed into a giant cat to hunt the crew in the episode Catspaw.
Note, Gary Seven was not an alien.

Looks like Discovery needed another gimmick to try and pull people in. It's so unfortunate that CBS just can't seem to make any Star Trek that fans like, which may have something to do with the toxic producers who refuse to listen to what the fans want.
For an excellent example of something fans love, see Prelude to Axanar on youtube. A fantastic effort. No matter if you like the guy who pulled it off or not, he did an excellent job. He was true to Gene Roddenberrie's vision and does not think he is so awesome that his own personal vision should supplant Gene's. I would be happy to pay to see a show like that, or indeed a series. Just check out the comments below the video to see thousands of people who believe Axanar is far better than anything produced by CBS or Paramount over the lats 15 years. If CBS really had anyone with real think-meat, they would have hired this guy instead of suing him. If they want to really revitalize Star Trek, that would be the way to do it. Something fans want. Something canon.
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