How To A gyroscope is both a brake and an engine in space

Jan 17, 2020
The fact is that aliens told me everything in detail regarding the space grid and how to cling to it.
Space without objects of large mass is a regular grid (a notebook in a cage - see pic. 1).
Space with objects of large mass is a grid with a hole in it (a chasm in the rock - see pic. No. 2).
A space with a black hole is a funnel into another universe, which can have bends (turns) inside itself (see pic. No. 3).
The spacecraft is a cigarette or sausage.
I was told that the gyroscope in the on state is a brake that clings to the space grid (pic. No. 1) with a force directly proportional to the mass of the disk, the speed and angle of its deflection in a rotating state.
As for the last two quantities, I advise you to find these ratios experimentally.
I was also given a model of a gyroscopic engine, which is shown in picture No. 0.
Here (i.e., in picture 0), the gyroscope is used as a paddle rower for complex rowing.
A gyroscope is a paddle or a paddle for repelling from the medium into which the krsmic ship fell (i.e., a paddle for repelling from the grid (pic. No. 1)).

Now I will describe in detail all the secrets of picture No. 0.
The first is a caterpillar consisting of 2 chains stretched over the stars. Moreover, both chains are interconnected by iron partitions on which gyroscopes are attached (mounted).
Each gyroscope has a drive sprocket to ensure rotation of the disk inside its body (see pic. No. 4).
The fact is that if all the gyroscopes are constantly active (i.e., the disks inside their hulls will rotate), then the ship will not move anywhere (unless it will somersault, describing the path of the tracks).
The aforementioned gyroscopes are designed in such a way that they can be rotated only at the moment of contact of the drive sprocket with an iron mat (see pic. No. 6 - this is a mat consisting of iron rods mounted on chains, which are shown in red).
The whole scheme is simplistically depicted in picture No. 7, which we will now analyze:
those. our engine is repelled from the space grid only in the C-D direction, provided that the lower track moves in the X direction (B to A), indicated by the pink arrow.
You noticed that point "C" is distant from the iron mat - this is due to the inertial residual rotation of the gyro disc.
The spaceship itself moves in the Y direction (A to B) indicated by the pink arrow.
To stop or decelerate a spacecraft, use one of 2 actions:
1. Ask the tracks and the rug exactly the opposite movement to normal flight. In this situation, the ship will stop faster, but there is a danger of flying in the opposite direction.
2. Stop the tracks and activate the track pad in any direction until the ship stops completely.
This proposal concludes the description of the operation of the ship's engine.

As for the rotation of the ship’s hull, everything is the same, only the tracks are now smaller and shorter and are located along two axes in the bow and tail of the ship (see pic. No. 8 - green).
As for the rotation of the ship around its own longitudinal axis (yellow line), the ship has a compartment for placing in it a semicircular caterpillar for rotating the ship around its axis (see pic. No. 8). This compartment is displayed in pink and is located directly under the ship's hull.
The main engine, representing a caterpillar conveyor, consisting of many gyroscopes, is displayed in yellow.
The red color shows the iron mat, without which the gyroscopes will not work.

P.S .: how to stop the rotation of the earth about its axis:
- you need to activate large-mass gyroscopes at the equator of the planet, whose task is to catch on the grid of "calm space".