A solar power plant in space? The UK wants to build one by 2035.

May 16, 2022
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Disadvantages of Laser Beam Power Transmission

  • Suffers from atmospheric losses due to environmental factors such as rain and clouds and hence cannot provide continuous power
  • Has a low conversion efficiency
  • May require huge battery storage systems on the ground
  • Carries the risk of causing skin and eye damage if not well managed

Disadvantages of Microwave Wireless Power Transmission

  • Requires management of the energy lost during conversion of DC to microwaves
  • May cause RF interference
  • Requires large transmission and receiving equipment

And we all know that solar cells only capture about 20% of energy received, then the energy you loose by transmitting. And then what about space junk hitting these panels (even a small particle)? And battery storage of that energy (need way better batteries).

Cheaper option would be to develop geothermal energy, tap into it, and transmit that to energy stations. Geothermal is HUGE


"Science begets knowledge, opinion ignorance.
I don't know much about this area, but I would guess that there are several candidates here. I am sure that they all have advantages and disadvantages. Surely the best solution is to adopt those which are most cost effective (assuming no damage to the environment) but also taking notice of the time factor. Some may give very quick results, but have a longer term problem, for example, are expensive in the long term. Nevertheless, if there is an urgent need, they will be employed. Let's hear about all of them.

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