A Straight Line on the Moon

Jun 30, 2024
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I take photos of the Moon semi-regularly, with just an APSC DSLR and only 420mm of lens focal length to play with. Early this morning as I was preparing to leave my night job, I noticed that the clouds had parted and a nice Moon was out, fairly low in the sky. So, I quickly prepared my camera, but didn't have time to use a tripod and decided just to take some hand-held shots (so, sorry about the quality). Immediately upon looking through the viewfinder, I noticed this anomaly: a dark, straight line on the Southern end. I've never noticed it before, and I knew it was not something in the camera. It remained for several minutes until clouds once again obscured the Moon. This gave me time to grab an OK shot, but somewhat under-exposed. So... what is it???
OK, so I can't seem to find a way to post the image. Here is a link to it on Flicker, if the admins will allow:


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