A tiny Eastern European cubesat measured the monster gamma-ray burst better than NASA. Here's how

Mar 30, 2023
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I'm curious about the cost difference between the GRBAlpha satellite, which successfully recorded the gamma burst, & the NASA satellites that didn't.

If an array of these tiny satellites could be launched for less than the cost of one of the larger satellites, or even just within the ballpark of the price of one, it would be an easier sell to the budget decision makers.

If so, it would increase the chances of getting funding for such an array, whether from official government sources, universities, or even from one of those rare space-minded, philanthropic private investors.

I really, really hope they do build an array of these little cube sats. Because positional blind luck isn't going to get us the needed comprehensive data, & unfortunately it seems that the larger satellites aren't up to the task at present.


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