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Alien pilots

May 1, 2020
Ok…..So according to many UFO programmes ,Conspiracy programmes Ancient aliens etc etc ,there have been numerous alien space craft crashes all over America and indeed the rest of the world since the notorious one in 1947 at Roswell.
So why so many crashes ????...is it because of the incompetence of the alien pilots ?.Which if so how come these pilots can navigate themselves over countless light years of space in craft that is far more advanced than anything we claim to have ,and end up fluffing it on entering our atmosphere, and crashing almost every time in some remote desert or inaccessible region?.
Or is the truth that if they are alien and not experimental aircraft ,they are shot down by our own defences, it just seems that with all the technology they are supposed to have that all these crashes are totally suspect.


Apr 3, 2020
That is certainly odd. :oops:

If those claims were true, seems it would result in widespread knowledge about our visitors.

Those shows are for entertainment purposes and not for serious scientific discovery.


Apr 3, 2020
So what your saying is these crashes never happened,and roswell was just engineered for entertainment purposes.
No. I am saying the TV shows are for entertainment. Something happened at Roswell, just (likely) not what the multitude of shows and "reports" claim happened.
Mar 5, 2020
Alien Pilot “Humans Acting Stupid”.

Marketing can travel at the speed of light.

Send a transmitter to Earth.

Convince someone on Earth that they can get into show business by filming stuff for Aliens. Recruit someone who isn’t already heavily medicated.

Have them record staged events (Godzilla, King Kong, Roswell) then send it through a homemade radio telescope.

Show business is universally Evil.
Mar 19, 2020
they never crash

Hate to be repetitive, but if they are that advanced to get here, they never crash.

Regarding UFOs in general, I see them all the time. Especially at night. Most have blinking lights, so they are probably identifiable to someone. "UFO" should be rejected as a definition or notion of alien visitation.

Crash sites of aircraft (some are surely former UFOs) are all over the world. Untold thousands exist, from all the wars alone. That some might be exploited by unsavory characters should come as no surprise.
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May 18, 2020
These alien space craft supposedly had come from other worlds and we have been searching for them for the last 7 or 8 decades without the least amount of evidence of ETL. Intelligent extra terrestrials would have come from a far distance in excess of many light years that we have now scanned and there isn't any evidence of them. We have been searching the skies for radio waves which could have been from humanly unfathomable distances like 25 - 50 light years. We have not detected a smidgen of evidence showing the existence of extra terrestrials from this distance. Anything outward of these distances is surely an impossible dilemma of science. We're limited to velocity and it simply will not happen, that is the discovery of some tangible ETL.

There are many scientists, engineers, and astronomers who believe there are ET's in the universe but we simply do not have concrete evidence of them. I might add, in a nation such as the United States, we have an excess of aeronautical, aerospace, astronomers, cosmologists, who are not employed. The United States government will give funding to these aerospace oriented engineers and scientists to design, build, and fly new aircraft/spacecraft. If you've ever seen strange aircraft flying around the central and west coast of the United States, you'll see some you won't be able to identify, even if you have had an aviation background and are familiar with the many different types of aircraft our nation has built.

We have to keep looking into space. The Hubble has taken some extraordinary photos of galaxies that are hundreds of billions of light years away. When you see photos from outer space, you must remember that what you're looking at happened thousands if not millions of years ago. The galaxies, stars, planets, comets, asteroids may no longer be there, even though you see something.
Dec 15, 2019
There are tens of thousands of documented UFO reports, with many hundreds, or probably thousands of accounts without prosaic explanations. So the idea that "UFOs are crashing all over the place" is a premise that I don't buy. There's a half dozen crash reports that have any paper trail whatsoever, so the percentage of crashes to sightings is virtually zero. In other words, it almost never happens.

Nevertheless, Bob Lazar, who claims to have worked on UFOs or their replicas near "Area 51," has a relatively detailed explanation for why UFOs may (very rarely) crash--or be shot down. Lazar alleges that some craft have two modes of travel, with one being susceptible to interference from human technology (specifically radar, if I recall correctly). See his documentary Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers (2018).

So to answer the question: no, crashes are not likely, but some tiny percentage of craft fail or are shot down. The idea that these vehicles travel for thousands of years from some distant star system and then crash on Earth sounds implausible because it is. But also, few serious UFO researchers believe they traverse space in the way we do (by shooting hot gases out of the back of an expensive tin can). Any race that is advanced enough to reach Earth is surely thousands or millions of years ahead of humans technology-wise. Do you really believe humans will still be using rockets in a thousand years, let alone a million, rather than using wormholes or "quantum leaps" to travel through space?



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