Amazon Founder Supports Space Colonization

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Guest founder Jeff Bezos has a loftier goal than dominating the online retail market -- he wants to help colonize space.<br /><br />Engineers at Blue Origin, a Seattle start-up company funded by Bezos, are working to build low-cost vehicles that would send passengers into space for short flights.<br /><br />"Then you would proceed from there to other steps, such as perhaps orbital space flights," Bezos told Reuters Tuesday.<br /><br />Blue Origin seeks to produce a reusable, manned craft similar in function to SpaceShipOne, which left Earth's atmosphere last month to win the $10 million Ansari X-Prize for the first privately funded manned space flight.<br /><br />SpaceShipOne designer Burt Rutan has teamed up with Virgin Atlantic Airways mogul Richard Branson to offer suborbital flights for space tourists starting in 2007.<br /><br />Bezos said he has wanted to join the space race since he was a boy growing up in Texas, but has no plans to hitch a ride on Branson's Virgin Galactic spaceliner.<br /><br />"I very much hope to go up one day, and I think that will happen," Bezos said. "I think I will go up on a Blue Origin vehicle."<br /><br />According to its Web site, Blue Origin is developing vehicles and technologies that, "over time, will help enable an enduring human presence in space."<br /><br /><br /><br />


I checked their web site ( and if you want a job in the space industry don’t wait. They are hiring:<br />· Systems Engineer <br />· Integrated Toolset Engineer <br />· Mechanical Systems Engineer <br />· Avionics Engineer <br />· Structural Engineer <br />· Propulsion Engineer - 4 <br />· Turbomachinery Engineer <br />· Manufacturing Manager <br />Good luck!<br />
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