An Interstellar Asteroid Destroyed the Akkadian Empire

Akkadian Collapse approximately 2154 BC about 4170 years before present.

About 4170 bp the Akkadian Empire collapsed in north eastern Syria. The evidence I found points to an interstellar impact temporarily destroying the agricultural productivity of the region.

The original airburst explanation could not explain the vast area of damage. The impact flare of an interstellar asteroid can lay waste to an entire continent. The impact of an interstellar asteroid creates a volcano, not a crater in the ground.

The Empire first tried to blame the destruction of the Akkadian Empire on a drought. Then when people went investigating that drought, they found the tephra and then later, clear signs of an impact. The Empire manufactures a tablet to explain away the interstellar impact as a standard impact occurring much farther south in Iraq. Currently the Empire is blaming the socioeconomic structure of the Akkadian Empire for its demise. Blaming the Akkadian Empire’s socioeconomic structure draws attention away from all of the physical evidence for an interstellar impact.

The Imperial chorus spent taxpayer’s money to date some basalts and volcanos in the area. That date would of course make it too old. There is also the issue of the inconvenient archaeological evidence. What would you find under the supposedly 2 million year old basalts? (Coke bottles 😊?)

These features look like a recent interstellar impact. The impact flare would have destroyed the surface vegetation and the wind would have mobilized the soil. The tephra can also physically damage plants until erosion and chemistry neutralizes it.

The Empire used radar from the Space Shuttle to look at this area. Shuttle Radar Topographic Mission (SRTM) interferometric radar altimetry data [e.g., Rabus et al., 2003]. It sent people to take samples and then faked the ages of those samples. Millions of dollars were spent to hide an interstellar impact.

Ar-Ar dating of late Cenozoic basaltic volcanism in northern Syria: Implications for the history of incision by the River Euphrates and uplift of the northern Arabian Platform

It appears that the Empire faked a cuneiform tablet (Sumerian K8538 Tablet). Since the “witness” in this tablet is describing a “standard” impact farther south in Iraq. The actual impact had interstellar velocities and created the volcanic structures at Al Raqqah. The impact flare mechanism (which is missing from the scientific literature) is responsible for most of the damage.

The Tablet has a point of origin for this comet coming from nearly opposite the galactic center (longitude 144) and from the galactic south (latitude -36). A pretty damned improbable path for an interstellar object. To make it appear like a neighborhood comet this fictional comet’s path is very close to the ecliptic plane.

The slow sluggish comet appears to be affected by the Earth gravitational field apparently looping around before impact. An interstellar impactor is moving so fast that the Earth’s gravity can barely affect it before impact.

This “Tablet” scenario pretty much screams fake.

The Akkadian Empire was destroyed by an interstellar impact. That impact may have affected the entire region. An imperial secret which directly affected human history. The Empire’s oil secrets may yet destroy human civilization…. again.
One thing that everybody will observe about this disaster is the small footprint that it left behind. These are not volcanoes; they are the surface markers for asteroids which punched through the crust. The impact will release energy as vaporized rock (flare) sending a column of fire so high that its line of sight might extend for a 1000 kilometers. And line of sight to this brilliant column of vaporized rock means death (Lot’s wife at a later impact near Israel).

The volcano appearance is superficial. This “instant” volcano may have a channel which goes down into the mantle. Anything living within visible range of these “volcanoes” at the time of the impact is now a carbon smear and atmospheric gases.

You have obvious evidence of an impact debris field. Except that in the middle of that field you have what appears to be a volcano and not a crater.