Aphelion Day 2020: Earth is farthest from the sun today!

As the article stated "Earth travels in an elliptical, or oval-shaped, orbit around the sun. As a result, the distance between Earth and the sun varies by about 3% throughout the year. When Earth reaches aphelion, the sun appears slightly smaller in the sky than at any other time of year, though the difference is not noticeable to the naked eye, according to In-The-Sky.org. (And you should never look at the sun without proper eye protection.)"

The change in angular size of the Sun as viewed using telescopes (with quality and safe solar filters) is very noticeable throughout the year, especially comparing perihelion on 05-Jan-2020 this year with the size of the Sun today. At perihelion this year, the Sun was in Sagittarius, today the Sun is in Gemini. The Sun is 64" angular size smaller or just a bit more than one arcminute smaller size today as measured using telescopes. Some amateur astronomers take images of these differences and publish them. During the debates between geocentric astronomy and heliocentric solar system, the geocentric teachers said the Earth did not move, i.e. immovable Earth. The changing angular size of the Sun supports the heliocentric solar system and demonstrates that the distance between the Earth and Sun (astronomical unit), also changes throughout the year.

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