Are China's moon missions a threat to the US? Space experts don't think so

Mar 9, 2020
In medicine, 'Experts' comments' are the lowest level of evidence, if any level. Warnings of threats usually come from those having some safety measure for sale, in the case of Crying Wolf! it may be a dog, or fences, or a shotgun,...
Journalism, besides helping knowing truth and stayin' free, belongs somehow to the show business.
The USA established by violence a network of subdued, enslaved lands and people, sometimes even with resource to 'Black magic', but China has the winning resource in any confrontation or concurrence, their population outnumbers any country, thus their chances of giving birth to geniuses are higher, just from statistical considerations.
In the past, when confronted with the choice of an expansion policy in the Asian region, they had ships, weapons, soldiers, Chinese thinkers blocked doing this, attitude that will be be forever a high value in their assets.
USA seems sometimes too bond to the 'Far West', Cuba, Philippines, WW II, ways for colonization. The eleventh: Do not bother.


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