Artemis 1's Orion spacecraft watches Earth rise over the shadowed moon (video)

Aug 6, 2020
Shame on for perpetuating a widely held misconception. There is no such thing as an "Earthrise" on the Moon. The Moon is tidally locked with the Earth. This means that from any point on the Moon that the Earth is visible it hangs eternally in the same spot (albeit with a little wobble).

The Earth never "rises" or "sets" as viewed from the Moon. It does go through phases from full to new, as the Moon does when viewed from Earth, but is just hangs there in the same spot of the lunar sky in perpetuity.

The only reason that the Earth "came into view" around the limb of the Moon is because the vantage point was from a craft orbiting around the Moon. The author was obliged to point that out in my opinion.


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