Asteroid Impacts, Volcanism, and Scientific Exclusion Zones

This post is arguing for a scientific exemption to laws which protect scientific fraud by designating geological anomalies as wilderness areas.

One common Imperial practice is to go to a geological anomaly (usually an impact site) and generate a bunch of fraudulent papers which “thoroughly” describe the site as anything but an impact. To make sure this fraud is unchallenged they will get this geological anomaly named as a wilderness or restricted area.

Thorough and independent scientific investigations are made prohibitively expensive and physically difficult in wilderness areas (Scientific Exclusion Zones). Which is why the Empire got them designated as wildernesses in the first place. In areas where the Empire has committed scientific fraud the corporations and governments are eager to help the Greens designate an area as wilderness.

An essential part of interstellar impact analysis is deep drilling and core samples from hundreds to thousands of meters underground. The operation of drilling equipment is totally forbidden by a wilderness designation.

I am arguing for allowing unrestricted scientific investigation in these scientific exclusion zones. The Empire is protecting secrets, not wilderness. Scientists are environmentally sensitive so the ecological effects of their research activities in these “wilderness areas” will be minimal.

A short list of scientific exclusion zones that the Empire designated as wilderness.

USA Wallowa-Whitman National Forest the likely impact point for the impact plume which would become Yellowstone.

USA Area northwest of the Oak Ridge nuclear processing site. It is not so much as a wilderness site as a shoot-geologist-on-sight area. This area is so sensitive to the Empire, that they extended the National Security protection of Oak Ridge over the area. The current security is a combination of Southern Sheriff “we have a failure to communicate” to Deliverance’s “squeal like a pig”. I found the signs stating that “Geologists will be eaten” a bit disturbing but not all that unusual for Tennessee.

Canada Mount Edziza Provincial Park and Recreation Area A basaltic volcano complex located well inland. The last eruption of low viscosity basalt was terminated when it ran into glaciers. An impact candidate that might be related to the impacts which devastated the megafauna of North America such as the Younger Dryas.

India Simlipal National Forest An asteroid impact point(s) which may have created the Deccan Traps and the extinction of the dinosaurs. The Chicxulub crater was a minor event released by the Oil Companies to hide an impact in India.

South Africa Pilanesberg Game Reserve An impact in South Africa is a classic example of an Interstellar Asteroid Impact punching through the crust.

Effective scientific access to all of these “anomalies” are physically and economically restricted.