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Astonauts and flight controllers look back, and forward

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I was watching a live press conference today on the BBC news channel with Buzz Aldrin and other Apollo astronauts and former flight controllers from the Apollo program.
I have to admit some of them seemed a little bitter over where we are going in terms of space at the moment. The ISS was labelled as an expensive white elephant which cost too much money, and that NASA had lost it drive to explore space. They talked about a possible mission to mars and the possibility of finding life. It was also mentioned that most young people today haven’t got the first clue who our modern day astronauts are, and he defied everyone in the press conference to name a single astronaut in the ISS at the moment, and no one put up their hand.
They did lay bare some truths that NASA probably didn’t want to hear. Wouldn’t mind being a fly on the wall at the White House dinner tonight.
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