Astronomers find the 'safest place' to live in the Milky Way

Interesting report. A number of catastrophic events including location are critical to Earth supporting life today as I read this report - that need to be avoided. Astronomy has areas like this like the giant impact model for the origin of the Moon too. Various stable orbit times for Theia can range from 30 million years before the giant impact with the proto-Earth, to as much as one billion years after Theia forms before the giant impact (Constraints on the pre-impact orbits of Solar system giant impactors,, March 2018).

Such a wide range of catastrophic collision times for Theia can alter everything in Precambrian era. This article shows the Earth could form in the wrong location, and wrong time in Milky Way past too, emerge sterile or perhaps not at all.

"Until about 6 billion years ago, most of the galaxy was regularly sterilized by massive explosions. As the galaxy aged, such explosions became less common."
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