Astronomers test string theory using NASA's Chandra X-ray space telescope

Jan 4, 2020
Astronomers have probed the Perseus galaxy cluster in search of an as-yet undetected particle that would help support string theory.

Astronomers test string theory using NASA's Chandra X-ray space telescope : Read more
There is a convergence of problems for extensions of our current quantum field theory for particles, such as these. Axions in of itself would solve the so called strong CP problem of why quarks are not part of the particles that give the universe matter, it looks like neutrinos are but why not some of both? And supersymmetry axion-like particles are generic for string extensions of the standard model of particles.

But there are many results that fail to turn up axions or axion-like particles, such as nuclear spin measurements or gamma ray spectra of galaxies [ ]. And now X-ray emissions from galaxy clusters.

Here they join experiments of particle collisions in LHC and electron sphericity in ACME in making string theory - as well as axions - much less appetizing. If absence of natural energy scale WIMPs in LHC and ACME count as rejecting strings, absence of natural consequence axion/axion-like particles counts too.

And so it counts as absence of a solution for the strong CP finetuning. Some of the references to the new work describes the strong CP as *very* finetuned if axions or something similar do not exist. (Technically and AFAIU those technicalities, cancellation of non-linearity causing CP asymmetry happens up to order 14 in quark field theory. There is some CP asymmetry among quarks and gluons, but it is virtually zero in comparison to what is needed for having matter.)

Instead of the notion that something must be added to our current quantum field theory for particles, I note that inflation excel in solving such apparent finetuning in the same way that it solves for finetuning the amount of dark energy.

So instead of finetuning cancellations, it is easier to think that when the universe cooled down and putatively the fields froze out by way of non-linear phase transitions, it was a coin toss whether quarks or neutrinos would have the chirality asymmetry that solves the CP asymmetry for having matter. In our universe it was the neutrinos.
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Oct 22, 2019
Here is another report on this topic. Astronomers observing a distant galaxy have dramatically shrunk the range of possible properties of a long-predicted — but never-detected — subatomic particle.

A key statement is made in this report concerning the test(s) ""After all this time and effort, no evidence for ALPs was found."

QFT, String Theory, inflation field(s), inflatons, magnetic monopoles, etc. The list is abundant and needs a complete, documented list of all the exotic particles created that are tested or not confirmed - published that the cosmology department invokes to explain the origin of everything. There is 1E+200,000 Calabi-Yao manifolds reported by, 10 or 11 dimensions and 1E+200 curls for strings too. In astronomy, I can see the Galilean moons orbiting Jupiter using my telescopes and so far, tests do not show strings or many dimensions that the light passes through to reach my telescopes when I view but the finite speed of light was determined at Jupiter in the 1670s using telescope observations of the moons and eclipse events. This latest effort to find axion like particles (ALPs), not axions, did not confirm their existence in nature.


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