Beetlejuice star/ coronavirus

Mar 27, 2020
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So this is just a theory.. so please dont give me **** it's just an idea.

What If the bettleguese star has exploded Nd that's why things have been happening .?
Don't blame Betelgeuse. No evidence Betelgeuse has exploded, no evidence of any connection with any current events on Earth. No plausible mechanism that connects events on Earth with activities of any stars other than our Sun.

Look to the known mechanisms, causes and effects - ignoring or dismissing the world's leading experts and specialist institutions and presuming they don't know or are wrong can make the most unlikely alternate "causes", including those with no basis at all appear more credible.
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"Science begets knowledge, opinion ignorance.
Not to mention the fact that Betelgeuse is 642.5 light years away. This does not prohibit anything happening on B but it would mean that any "bugs" would have to survive 642.5 years at light speed (or proportionately more at lower speeds) to get here unharmed. That means not being affected by any interstellar radiation.

That is just a small addition to Ken's thorough reply.

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