Beginning to End, End to Beginning, Loops... (Looks, And Assumptions, Can Be Deceiving)

I have a big problem with gravity and dark energy others may share. With the revelation of gravity waves really existing, a 'fabric' (in and as those waves) to Space may exist. All Space, all the Vacuum, since gravity is an infinite that won't zero out (won't go beyond infinite / infinitesimal, a wrap).

It may sound funny but when I first heard of expanding universe I (contrarily, as usual) got a sudden mind's eye picture of the exact opposite that really wasn't exactly opposite, every major object of the universe slowly sinking out of sight into an abyss of quicksand, all of the wells (holes) being created by the sinking of all of the major objects creating increasing distances between every major object. The deepening walls of the abysses creating lengthening distances between what otherwise, other than some kind of normal drift, was a maintaining of a steady state distance between most objects (something like that). Expansion can occur in more dimensions than one or two.

So now that mind's eye picture comes sharply to mind once more. The total effect of light (as I see it) of light having to deal in and with all of these abysses, across a [flattened] smooth board (in a different dimension), a flattened view, of universe, to any observer, being light red shifted between every major object on the board. And now, I'm reminded that I mentioned, in another thread, an accelerating expansion that would appear to be going nowhere at all. The difference would be it isn't going "nowhere," it is going down and in, into the wells, into the Abyss (I've described, in differing dimension, as Mirror mirroring time-energy loops looping), rather than up and out into a runaway loose end Abyss to Nowhere. Except...the two could be the same direction, and is containment (as in "Universe (1)"), a wrap to and into itself (again, as I've described before). Yes, an accelerating expansion in distances between (at once an accelerating contraction from the bottom down otherwise) toward the Big Crunch / Big Bang inside (outside).

I responded to "Black hole 'hair' could be detected using ripples in space-time", but it very much applies here and I want to repeat it here. It pertains.

"Gravity is at once a mirror, another form of duality. As I see it, the weaker the gravity, the more ghostly the mirror and the stronger the gravity, the more real becomes the mirror mirroring information, including matter and energy from a constant of Big Crunch mass, but in lesser dimension still the same principle. It would be instantly quicker, I mean [instantaneously] quicker, than any other means of putting back what was coming to; of reversing the direction of flow to nowhere.

It doesn't necessarily have to be to the local area, or local plane (I prefer 'plain' (as in the "plains of Kansas," but everyone else uses 'plane', so...), or local dimension, of the blackhole either. It could be something similar to "spooky action at a distance" (teleportation elsewhere...many elsewheres? Transformation or translation to new information? Come to think of it, such might be neutral, new and old, or neither, primordial, available for work. An infinite Universe / infinitesimal mass Big Hole never really losing nor gaining). But then again, such transformation, translation, or travel, might be "[through] the looking glass" of the black [hole] to somewhere else, or everywhere else, anyway. Same thing, just differing exits." (I edited just a little, so it isn't an exact quote of what I wrote elsewhere.)

Transformations, translations, teleportation, to "primordial" soup / origin / dark energy... [elsewhere] and/or [else when], to availability for work? How many black holes, macroscopic and microscopic, exist in the Universe (1), have ever existed, both observed in the observable universe and unobserved in the unobservable universes? If blackholes are a form of violent hungry wormhole, exactly what and where are they feeding to(?), if not the Big Crunch singularity of all singularities. The Abyss of all abysses. Where all may exit to, including everything sinking into the "quicksand" above.

Transforming dimensions back to front, one to the other, if not that primordial soup, the dark energy, welling up from nowhereland? Is that the Big Bang more or less not quite blasting so much as usually illustrated? Is it recycle? Everything that has gone into every blackhole everywhere that has ever existed. Including the destined ultimate destination of all objects going into the wells, the holes, the Abyss, of the "quicksand" I mention. Is it the 'fabric' of the quicksand itself? The most basic of basics, smoother than silk (so to speak), and ready for forming. And averse to observation.

In an infinite Universes of infinitely many universes, everything, everywhere, and every when, that can exist, exists. To be redundant, everything, everywhere, and every time, all time, all times (including all differences, all newness, all oldness). Including all possible dimensions (to include all possible translation of universes to horizons and/or planes (including waves to particles and particles to waves). And on and on and on, to every possibility that can exist.

*"Translation... including waves to particles and particles to waves." I dismissed the look of bubble universes rather than planed universes. I, in effect, dismissed duality in that look, and shouldn't have. The duality of 'particle' and/or 'wave' should also apply to 'bubble' and/or 'plane'. A duality of a dimension of.....*

There are many spokes leading from hub horizon out to rim horizon, and from rim horizon into hub horizon, particularly when there to here and here to there are a looping spoke, are spoke loops, to one and the same rim/hub inevitable horizon. Both an expansion out to, and a contraction in to, one and the same inevitable farthest outside / farthest inside horizon. Hawking's inevitability of Grand Central Station of 'Universe' ('1' (yet again, binary absolute '0' (|0|-point 'moment') and/or '1' (Cosmic All))); Infinite in Big Hole's space / vacuum; infinitesimal in mass-density (at once Big Crunch infinitesimal in space / vacuum, infinite in mass-density). And at once Universe's infinity of universes. Again, accordion-like in Horizon / horizons, closed up, contracted (the one), and opened up, expanded (the other). Binary 'and/or'! At once 'and/or'! Duality! 'Particle' and 'wave' are not sequential, the two are a singularity, a duality! This accordion is both closed and opened in exactly the same space at exactly the same time, just different 'dimensions', different 'potentials', of the same accordion. Not sequential! No "Big Bouncing" one to the other and back! You proceed toward the (BC||BB) horizon in whatever direction of up and out it opens before you from its closure as if that is the way it always is, the horizon itself receding from you. Contrarily, behind you it closes up toward the (BB||BC) following horizon from the open as if that is the way it always is.

General George S. Patton said, "Brevity may be the soul of wit, but repetition is the heart of instruction."

I'm not very patient with too simplistic descriptions of certain things, even when I know they are meant for simpler people. For example, my father was a fantastic mechanic able to deal in all the complexities of certain types of mechanics. But with me, he had to get as simple as it was possible for him to get simple. I had no aptitude for the particular mechanics he was so brilliant at. We were different. He was patient and indulgent with that. Me, not so patient or indulgent with that, except with my family and trainees in my career fields. Well, most of the time. Like the fictional character Sherlock Holmes I've quoted before, I'm, immodestly, capable of realizing and dealing in great complexity on one side, often expansively ponderously so, and am very simple, too simple for some people, on the other side. I'm not that much in and of the middle ground.
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"General George S. Patton said, 'Brevity may be the soul of wit, but repetition is the heart of instruction.'"

The accordion is closed, the accordion is open. ("The cat is dead, the cat is alive.")
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Who cares anything about flat-earthers? Or earth centered creationists? If you want to talk "flat" in regard to what I've described in my three threads and several replies in others, then you need look no further than the 2-dimensional illustration of the bell shaped (cone shaped) universe that is in practically every physics and astronomy book, and site on the web. The one where the mouth of the bell (cone) is the SPATIAL universe illustrated 2-dimensionally 'flat' on the leading edge of a 1-dimensional arrow of TIME. A juggler's flat saucer sitting spinning on one end of a pole.

My illustration is not so barren of dimensionality. I put in another bell, another cone, mouth to mouth (mirroring) with the one illustrated in so many books and on so many sites. Then I superimpose over that illustration an illustration from the article concerning a mirror universe where the BC||BB (singular) is an illustrated point mirror end of the bell, cone, and the mouths are where the two BC||BBs (plural) sit in [my] original illustration where they are at opposite ends of the illustration (now the closed 'point' end is simultaneously existing with the open end). I superimposed dimensions one onto, into, the other. The result the Horizon/horizons of the BC (infinite in mass)||BB; The result is also the Horizon/horizons of the infinite Universe (infinite Big Hole / Space / Vacuum) of an infinity of finite universes. Simultaneously existing. ("The accordion is closed, the accordion is open ('the cat is dead, the cat is alive')").

That multi-dimensionality has nothing at all to do with flat earthers or earth centered creationists. If you are even indirectly referring to my repeated remark that in an infinite Universe every infinitesimal one of an infinity of points of it is the dead center of 'infinite' then that, too, has nothing whatsoever to do with flat earthers or earth centered (center of universe) creationists. "0-point particle-like 'moment'" has nothing to do with flat earthers.....

(One observation very similar but very different: Real time versus relative time: Superman has teleported himself and sits on the moon observing the Earth with his 'x-ray vision'. He spots a piano falling from a window of a building a split second from crushing a cat on the side walk below. He is the fastest of all things in the Universe, capable of instantaneous thought, capable of instantaneous transfer point to point in the Universe. He instantaneously teleports himself from Moon to Earth to the site to save the cat, only to find the cat already crushed by the piano. How did it happen if his seeing it happening and his transfer from site to site was instantaneous (simultaneous)? Answer: the speed of light from the Earth to the Moon was too slow for him to see the event occurring in the real time it occurred. He saw it occurring in relative time, not real time. In the instant of his observation and and the same instant, the cat was very much alive (in relative time), the cat was very much dead (in real time. When he, superman, time traveled from Moon to Earth he traveled forward about a second and a half of observable universe relative time, observed light time, difference between Earth and Moon [instantaneously] in unobservable universe real time. He fast forwarded [futuristically] through a massless photo-history ... a second and a half ... instantaneously (for him, superman). Repeat; having to overcome that second and a half of relative time ALREADY passed, even instantaneously transferring from real space real time point to real space real time point, he stood no chance at all of saving the cat).)
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I have a different take. We learned long ago not to trust our eyes. Our eyes can not catch quick motion. Or small motion.

So we use fast ticking clocks for fast measurements. And we have to use instruments for this. To measure a quick event.

The assumptions and narratives are from the measurements. And the measured math relationships of the dynamic or event. A rational for the measurement result.

But we have an UN-realized problem with measurement. Especially with fast or weak measurements.

We have to use mass and matter for our instruments. The problem is that the result of our measurements.....include the reaction to the acceleration or stimulus. A measurement has a inherent error. Ignoring this in our assumptions and us the WRONG concept of the dynamic. A false narrative.

To analyze a dynamic, the measuring instrument must separate the stimulus action.....from the instrument re-action. Only then..............can we see the true stimulus, without the error.

This error causes much confusion about phase and frequency changes with motion. And gives us a fallacy of light. There is nothing more reactive than charge. Much more reactive then inertia. And we use charge to detect.

A stimulus causes a reaction........and that reaction blurs the next stimulus. If there is a change in rate, the reaction duration......blurs the change in rate. Reaction artifacts. Measurement artifacts and processing artifacts.

Our sloppy instruments gives us false narratives and introduces mis-understanding. And many illusions. Instrument illusions.

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