Best free sci-fi short movies

Jul 30, 2020
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First one - beautful graphics, good acting, disappointing but I guess appropriate ending.
2nd one: pass - not even cute.
3rd one: the main protagonist, dare I say it: a strong female lead, had two lines: F*** and S***. Geez, no wonder kids are so morally bankrupt these days.
4th one: good - saw it before.
5th one: jerk brother has to think twice about saving his brother then when he gets the chance he is all crying in his beer about getting it wrong. Time loops - always a - fallback plot - over and over again. Graphics - pretty good - I love a good starfield but I got a bad case of nystagmus (look it up - I did) from this one.

Kind of weak stories except #4. When will we ever get warp drives - never.


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