Best Telescopes for Kids — 2019 Guide

A few notes from me. Buy a telescope that uses 1.25 inch focuser or 2 inch size. These are expensive but provide much better views than focusers that work with 0.965 inch eyepieces. A big problem for many folks using telescopes - the ability to locate a target in the sky and view in the eyepiece. Over the years I see this as a common frustration with first time telescope buyers. You can solve issues here with Intelliscope or GoTo scope technology but these systems are usually - very expensive. Refractor telescope is easier to work with vs. a reflector that needs periodic collimation. A primary mirror size of 80-mm or more can be very good. On my refractor model (90-mm), I use a Telrad targeting device that attaches to the tube. Very economical targeting device using two, AA batteries with a bulls eye-ring system displayed like a fighter pilot view in the cockpit. Easy to adjust centering then point into the night sky using a good star chart showing your desired target. Look in the eyepiece - and your target is there :)
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