Black hole gravity does close out universes.... Einstein vs Chaos Theory

In a previous post I took a horizontal view of black holes and universe close out. I forgot about the vertical view where eternal acceleration would lead.

Einstein took his mind's eye trip to the speed of light via acceleration to it and stopped because he thought that was the end. Chaos Theory presents a different view, a different possible end, and so do I. A vertical universe of "zoom" . . . zoom out (shrink), zoom in (expand), zoom out (shrink), zoom in (expand)....

Einstein did his mind's eye trip to the speed of light as the traveler. That is how I always like to do it, too, when where I can.

The traveler is an immortal and has a most powerful ship with a most powerful force field shield against being smashed or crushed. Like Einstein in his mind's eye trip as the traveler vertically to the speed of light, as he saw the speed of light, this traveler continuously accelerates in and through the universes vertically as well, to a different conclusion than Einstein arrived at. His universe goes from expanding around him to shrinking . . . eventually . . . around him into an ultra-massive ultimate debris field filled black hole. He fills the universe, his universe, having shrunk all distances in it in space and time to a space and time just beyond his shield (again his universe, not yours). One massive black hole . . . Chaos Theory's zoom universe in its "zoom out" phase. But Chaos Theory does not stop there. It breaks the boundary, the horizon, of the super, super, massive black hole (now a unity of all of an infinity of black holes in space and time), a universe horizon (h) now merged with the [Big Bang / Planck / Infinite] Horizon (H) and regains definitions, a universe reset to definition, in Hawking's "life zone" . . . this immortal traveler having burst through a standard black hole blurred horizon into a defined star field, a defined galaxy of stars, a defined and apparently expanding universe, whatever, like traveling through a wormhole in the universe except vertically, level to level, to level, of hyperspatial-time universe. This immortal traveler in his super ship went vertical to go, to teleport, or wormhole, horizontal universe to horizontal universe . . . Chaos Theory's constant of resetting of definition from blurring, blurring from definition, definition from blurring, level to level to level of "zoom".

So, I see (I see!) that I was only half right in my previous post and viewpoint in it on the subject of black holes' infinities . . . and my resistance to the old physicist viewpoint of gravity [apparently] swallowing a universe whole, vertically (though never horizontally), on acceleration's way toward the speed of light. Einstein's mind's eye trip to the speed of light, in my view, stopped too short, was just too narrow a view.
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