Black hole 'hair' could be detected using ripples in space-time

Gravity is at once a mirror; another form of duality. As I see it, the weaker the gravity the more ghostly the mirror and the stronger the gravity the more real the mirror mirroring information, including, of course, matter and energy. Ultimately, you might say, a constant of Big Bang energy from a constant of Big Crunch mass, but in lesser dimension still the same principle. It would be instantly quicker, and I mean [instantaneously] quicker, than any other means of putting back what was coming to; of reversing the direction of flow to nowhere.

It doesn't necessarily have to be to the local area, or local plain, or local dimension, of the blackhole either. It could be something similar to "spooky action at a distance" (...teleportation elsewhere...many elsewheres? Transformation or translation to new information? Come to think of it, such might be neutral, new and old; primordial, available for work. An infinite Universe || infinite mass Big Crunch / infinitesimal mass Big Hole never really losing nor gaining?). But then again, such transformation, translation, or travel, might be "[through] the looking glass" of the black [hole] to somewhere else, or everywhere else, anyway. Same thing, different exit.
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Hair may record the information swallowed by the gravitational monsters.

Black hole 'hair' could be detected using ripples in space-time : Read more
Existence is eternal. We are here, surrounded by matter and order because no process has ever destroyed it. Including black holes or heat deaths in previous big bang contents. Order even survived coming through our Big Bang. Order can't be created or destroyed. This all goes to show that one day all that went into black holes will come out again, both matter and order.:)

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