Blue Origin's New Shepard rocket aces record 7th launch, landing in latest test flight

Jan 9, 2020
#13 ... to SPACE ??... ALL flights have been SUB orbital, barely breaking the
Karman line...
It is in reference to the lunar lander they won a contract for, not the New Shepard rocket.

"...New Shepard carried 12 science payloads to space and back. One of those payloads was NASA's Deorbit, Descent and Landing Sensor Demonstration... The experiment will help develop new landing technologies for NASA's Artemis program... 'The experiment will verify how these technologies (sensors, computers, and algorithms) work together to determine a spacecraft’s location and speed as it approaches the moon...'"

I get what you're saying though. Much about Blue Origin is still on the drawing boards only, and while New Shepard might be an excellent suborbital rocket, it is only that. They're getting great results, but their development time is slow. Talk to me when they have another prototype.