Boeing's Starliner rolls out to pad for June 1 astronaut launch (photos)

So it's failed 1 out of 2 tries, and now they're putting humans in it?

To be fair, they supposedly ironed out the issues. And it's probably had many more simulated "tries".

But… you're not wrong. If it were my decision, I'd use it for cargo to test it for one or two launches. I'd pay Boeing for the extra launches to help them recoup their losses from the troublesome R&D.

Then again, NASA might not have the money right now… It's a tricky situation.
May 31, 2024
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Boeing had quite a number of thruster issues as they were attempting to align Strainer for the only docking they accomplished. I agree...the wiser approach would have been to have them do a couple cargo missions before putting humans aboard. Problem is that they only have enough Atlas Vs to complete the minimum contract required crew rotations.
Just because Boeing does not have Atlas rockets or because NASA can not pay for cargo flights are no excuses to put human astronauts at more than acceptable risk due to unproven (yet not operational) space mission.
Combination of mission hardware and systems includes LV + Capsule.
These could have been tested separately.
Are we seeing a Logical mistake and hope it is not as serious cover up as was Columbia by suppressing information that we proved could have saved most astronauts.

Here the story is slightly different as these are ace test pilot astronauts, but we should exhaust most robotic testing before we put astronauts in missions.

Let us now compare with Artemis! The situation is also not rosy as they are trying to patch together Shuttle engines and have enough only for a few missions and depend upon new engines at least for future missions. Thus ULA is also a slightly risky path.

Perhaps we should give Starship a chance to succeed and use Falcon and Starship combinations in clever ways than to keep reusing some mothballed hardware which has at best sub-optimal provenance!


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