Comet NEOWISE could give skywatchers a dazzling show this month. Here's what to know.

FYI, it is an interesting comet in 10x50 binocular views this morning. site shows apparent magnitude +2.0. Here is a note from my viewing of the comet, early this morning, sunrise near 0548 EDT/0948 UT.

[Observed 0430 EDT - 0510 EDT/0830 UT - 0910 UT. I was able to see the comet using 10x50 binoculars this morning near the end of my pasture standing in my neighbor's horse farm field. Distinct with bright nucleus and short tail. AT 0443 EDT I located the comet using my binoculars and viewed. Cirrus clouds, morning haze, and altocumulus clouds made for less than perfect seeing conditions. A cloud bank low in E-NE, NEOWISE elevation placed it above the cloud bank so visible in binoculars. site reports this morning apparent magnitude +2.0. Venus and Capella made locating the comet easy this morning.]
Apr 11, 2020
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I observed comet NEOWISE at approximately 4:40 A.M. CDT (9:40 UT). I found it in my 8x32 binoculars and also in my telescope at approximately 63x. The tail was nicely visible in both along with a stark nucleus. I was wondering if there would be a good time to see NEOWISE with the naked eye. Will the morning be the best time, or will it be visible once it rises for the evening sky?