Could electricity be meaningless to the future?

Jul 20, 2022
We can thank Nikola Tesla for the creation of modern-day technology and electricity. While I think electricity is great, it also has major downfalls which we are starting to find out to this day. The universe works in terms of energy, and electricity is only one form of energy. What If I said that electricity is barbaric and is only the start of civilizations? Everyone thinks in terms of how we would make higher-level technology instead of how others might have done it. If the universe is basically pure energy that is transferred from one form to another then could it be possible to transfer many forms of energy to one? Many would say this is impossible and would require the reversal of time. I would disagree and say that many civilizations in this universe have already done it and there may be many proofs that show this. Galactic civilizations wouldn't need a sphere around the sun or nuclear fusion they would use technology that is supernatural to what we know. Due to Einstein's theory, science has taken a very physical approach which limits significantly the progress of our future. Computers will have a limitation and that is the material that it is made of. This is very interesting because computers can only advance as much as matter can advance them, this gives computers a limitation. What if computers are just a waste of time and the true power of this world is gained through an understanding of how energy works? We are always trying to find a way to solve a problem but fall short to understand how energy formed the universe and created us. If you were a super advanced civilization that had extreme power why would you limit it to only electricity? You wouldn't, you would create a way to absorb pure energy that is given off naturally through all things. There must be a device that is somewhere in this world that absorbs wavelengths and converts all forms of energy to pure energy that can be transmitted from one thing to another with no energy drop-off(pure energy transfer with 100% accuracy). This is a civilization that controls energy to a level that is beyond that of the physical nature of the universe. It is an interesting thought and I wanted to see what others have to say about this and if the universe is actually trying to tell us through law and show us how to manipulate the law. Science today may be thinking way too deeply and focusing our assets in the wrong places to get the answers to the problems that don't help us but hinder us. Please post any comments on your thoughts because all of this relates to the formation of the universe and why we might not be on the right direction for the future.
Nov 19, 2021
Yes, there might be something better than electricity but we don't have a clue what that might be. Confining electrons in a conductor and pushing on one end is currently the gold standard for moving energy from point A to point B. Sending just the electrons via electron beam requires a vacuum between here and there. Doing it without the inconvenient wires via EM waves is limited by diffraction, very lossy, lots of collateral damage. Gravity is too weak to do any good. The Strong Force and Weak Force have ranges too short to be of any practical use. Neutrinos aren't hard to generate but can't be controlled and no way to catch them. Right now there is nothing out there we might hang our hat on.
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