Question Could or will there soon be a large James Webb or larger size space telescope that can see further into the infrared like Spitzer or Herschel?

Nov 13, 2020
I heard that the former NASA Spitzer and European Space Agency (ESA) Herschel space telescopes were colder and could see further into the infrared than the James Webb space telescope. However, they were both substantially smaller telescopes than James Webb. What are the possibilities that NASA, ESA or others or in combination could make a new space telescope for the infrared at least as large as James Webb but that could see further into the infrared than James Webb or at least as far as Spitzer or Herschel. I heard that at these longer infrared wavelengths there are some other things they can see in circumstellar or protoplanetary disks than at the shorter infrared wavelengths. How much, if any are there further spectral bands of interest for potentially habitable planets in the far infrared and what chemicals are these for. Finally how far into the infrared would HabEx or Luvoir be able to see compared to James Webb and what other celestial objects would these other telescopes be able to observe and would a large, at least James Webb size, space telescope that could be cooled enough to look also into the farther infrared need to use the same technology as James Webb that is segmented mirrors and a sunshield or if there some other way to make and put into operation in space such as large and seeing into the farther infrared space telescope?



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