Dark Matter creates Matter

Feb 14, 2020
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Dr. Ravi Sharma

Remarks on Dark Matter (DM) Apr 11-12, 2022 Space.com Ask The Expert Article from Paul Sutter and
ArXiv publication from Oleg Lebedev and Jong-Hyun Yoon, HEP-PH Mar 22, 2022 (Our Work in Ref 1
and 2 below)

Gravity is manifest after the DM starts to transform into matter and forms the structure that becomes
the nucleus.

Big Bang (BB) everywhere in universe is not a prerequisite and local big bang like events are allowed
once gross matter i.e., aggregated matter is formed by combining atoms and molecules made of nuclei.
Unbound radiation space and particles in such radiation space are allowed.

Inflation assumption is not necessary nor is need for inflation. DM quanta are present as ground state of
matter in QFT formalism.

DM is not produced, contrary the matter-energy quanta are excited states of DM and are produced and
perhaps when matter-energy disappear in the physical universe these become the ground state (DM)
and it could be that by that process we may be able to understand Dark Energy (DE – conjecture)!
DM starts forming quanta with some excited state but not yet able to manifest gravity till about 5 th or 6 th
dimension (hypercircles) and in the seventh dimensional geometry, these manifest as massful or gravity
expressing particles such as neutron, proton and electron that are stable compared to intermediary
energy bundles such as Quarks and Gluons.
Oscillations happen from the very beginning of formation of a structure with flow of quantum field
energy in channels that would have low and high density and breathing like oscillation property. This
variation coupled with complex structures, dimensions and partitions in the multidimensional geometry
make the quantum field energy and associated quanta transform progressively into many intermediate
resonances which were called intermediate Bosons, for example.

Resonant DM does not exist or is not measurable because the intermediate identifiable particles start
acting in Quantum-Quantum form of interaction and in fifth dimension these also manifest as quantum-
particle interaction.

We know that the Universe is “Not Matter Dominated”.

It looks like even in the case of lattice the DM can be assumed to exist without inflation coupling thus no
need for Big Bang. DM in spatial sense can exist without interacting with matter. Our study shows that
for the nucleus as a seven-dimensional geometry, the ground state DM could have some coupling to the
final mass of the nucleus, and this must be why DM is gravitationally required for stability of Galaxies.
DM coupling with Higgs should not be neglected as all types of intermediate particles and stable ones
such as n, p, e, are coupled to Higgs and are products during process of DM to mass-energy (ME)

In response to Paul Sutter’s Op-Ed expert Voices interpretation, the BB and inflation do not affect DM
because it exists prior to and BB probably happens in small parts of the Physical Universe where DM
converts to ME violently. In the rest of the universe, one needs a very-very minute coupling with gravity
because DM decides to produce matter-energy (ME) and the latter has gravitational property.
In our description, Quantum Gravity is part of the DM-ME process as gravity is related to mass or Mass-

Ref 1. Sharma, Ravi Dr. “A Journey from Dark Matter to Matter”
View: https://youtu.be/Lc-IMjuv_l8

Ref 2. Dr. Prof. Pandit Khem Chand Ji Sharma, Vedic Particle Physics, ISBN 971-81-7525-834-1

(Dr. Ravi Sharma, Ph.D. USA)
Chair, Ontology Summit 2022
Senior Enterprise Architect
Particle and Space Physicist
Elk Grove CA
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