'Dark matter' is Provably Wrong.

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Some (many? all?) propose the reason we can't detect the DM all around us is because it is so perfectly uniformly distributed.

But if it's absolutely perfectly distributed it puts a lie to the gravity equation of Newton because it would have no mass & undercut the whole rationale for its hypothesis in the first place.

Even if DM is proposed to be completely inert AND high speed velocity it still has to spend more time close to visible matter bodies and change/increase their aggregated mass body.

Which would make all gravitational equations we have calculated since Newton inaccurate because what we thought was 'm1' was actually (m1+DMm1) AND 'm2' was actually (m2+DMm2).

Perhaps it is so regular that it could be a coefficient instead. Say the DM coefficient is 1.1. So instead of 'm1' it is actually (1.1*m1) and 'm2' is actually (1.1*m2).

So we need to fabricate the NEW dark matter gravity equation to update astrophysics.

Look at me. Rewriting the physics textbooks!
So when we are told some celestial body has a certain mass in fact that is off by the DM component in its gravity well.

Maybe Avogadro's number is off by the DM factor.

DM sure makes a mess out of neat physics calculations/formulas.

How do they calculate the mass of nucleons?
Is that off as well?

I guess we can call it the dark matter 'earthquake' overhaul of physics.
Tweaking of gravity could account for the galaxy rotation rate problem, but no amount of tweaking can explain NGC 1277 which rotates classically. It has no DM. A change to gravity must be the same everywhere, but it is possible to have an absence of DM.
Due to the strong (if not absolutely consistent) correlation with black holes, perhaps it is some more direct connection between stars & black holes, but is subject to the direction and speed of spin of each black hole.

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