Did anyone see anything falling in the western sky on Mar 17 2020 around 8pm?

Mar 19, 2020
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It looked like a shooting star only much slower and although the tip was initially white, it turned black the lower it got toward the horizon and the tail (!) was orange-y the whole time. It took a long time to fall too and slowed down the closer it got to the horizon. I think it was following the curvature of the atmosphere?
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Maybe a comet or asteroid setting with the Sun, wheeeee . . . . .
In conjunction with Venus?
Who needs a comet or asteroid anyway.
Disclaimer: This first line is not to be believed, so lets settle for the rest!

Seriously, Gardener, as this is your first post I am giving you a 'Like' by way of welcome and because I liked your description. Quite a lot of things can happen around sunset producing different colour effects. Your detailed description sounds very like a planet (like Venus) setting after the Sun. Were there maybe some whisps of cloud which might temporarily have partially obscured the object?

Checking my Astronomy Magazine, the planet Venus was bright in the evening sky late in March, reaching its highest point on 27 March with a dazzling magnitude of -4.4. Look where you last saw the object and see whether there is still something thereabouts.

Good Luck

Cat :)
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