Diversity will be key to Artemis moon-to-Mars push, NASA officials say

Apr 21, 2023
Ummm, shouldn't it just be the best 4 people for the job? Artemis 3 they've already said "will be a black person and a woman" that stand on the moon. Hip hip hooray, as long as they are the best people for the job that's fine - But that mission is a long way off and there's no way of knowing who the best candidates are that far out.
I do dislike seeing political priorities taking precedence in scientific efforts.

But I also understand that it takes political efforts to create and support such expensive scientific efforts - at least until the commercial space program takes over as far out as the moon.

The really sad thing is that there are well qualified people of both sexs and most ethnicities that can handle missions like this. So, the political advertising that there will be seats reserved for specific "minorities" probably does have an undeserved negative effect on the perceptions of those minorities by others. Do we really still need that sort of thing to make young people of all types realize that they can become astronauts? Or, is this type of political advertising mainly to benefit politicians?
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