Do lend me a hand to the answer, or maybe where I can find the answer

Don't throw me under the boat, I'm only reporting what as of right now I understand to be true and what I might not understand. Here it is, I smoke and do so in my garden as not to clog the atmosphere of my study room. For about a year I have momentary objects of a bright light (similar to Venus when it is visible) appear very convincingly within the atmosphere of the planet appear and then nothing. Just momentary, its happened a few times, notable always when its dark. A few different observations to consider;
1- they also appear in ones, its never a case that I see many small debris. Now I don't know much on the subject but,, if I see them as often as I do I assume they would be in small chunks but nope its always just one object, every couple of days/2ish weeks is the longest without a sighting
furthermost- during a sitting (a single smoke of a cigarette not weed or anything like that) it may happen only once as aforementioned, an hour or two goes by I go for another cigarette and again I might see another one ?
2-The movements have never not been explainable via my understanding of these falling rock objects, never seen them get to close to the ground
hmm- The reason I post this today is due to the behavior of the most recent sighting. I looked at it then it simply disappeared it was that simple. This is strange to me as will be explained in my third point
3-The burning of a meteor, to me this is the most alluring aspect that has be drawn the conclusion that aliens exist due to my observations. I do not understand but this is the aspect I'm mostly hoping for information on. I watched YouTube videos on meteorites but those videos are insane almost movie like.
From what I have seen they either;
A- the moment they are they disappear (looks like Venus but real close for just a moment) then I see nothing no matter how hard I stare
B- look like Venus, often assume it is just a star in the sky. THEN it seamlessly begins to 'drop' disappearing in the act
Seen both A and B many times, with B its a case of different 'drop' distances ranging up to maybe 2-3 seconds of dropping madness
Never a disbursement of the light, look like Venus then gone no flash no nothing
So yeah thanks for reading if you could
let me know do they really often fall over the same area, through-out the year and also is the disbursement of the light not always in the case they just fade, I mean its as bright as Venus, brighter then the lights of a plane !
my main concern is if they could fall on my head, killing me. kinda hope its aliens yeno
Nothing is going to fall on your head.

Let's say, just for the heck of it, you are seeing something no one else is seeing and you aren't just hallucinating. The probability then is in-sight rather than sight and you are superimposing something you are seeing from within to a position without. If it is real to you, personal to you alone, and no one else, that is the only possibility. Don't lose your mind over it just because it seems to you something out of "the twilight zone," just be patient with it and wait it out to see if things change. Control the situation, match control with and for control, don't let it control you. Go about your normal business and relationships normally. You might even find rising above this improves the rest.

Why do I bother? I had minutes of a death experience early in my life. I saw a solid pearl and went through it as a tunnel, and I've never been sure I came out of death, out of that tunnel, in the same place and time, even the same universe, I left from. So, I don't simply dismiss in-sights of most kinds.
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