Doctor Who Doctors, ranked worst to best

Oct 19, 2021
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We all have our own fav doctors and I have no problem with whatever order anyone ranks them (I also believe that there is no such thing as a bad Doctor as they've all had many moments of brilliance). However, to give Troughton bottom place because a large number of his episodes were wiped is ridiculous. I've done a quick calculation and compared this with I reckon that there are still about 27 hours of Troughton available to view which is just under Davison (note: you incorrectly spelt his name!) and more than doctors 6 to 9. Jodie has done around 20 hours and will probably only exceed this but just by an hour or two. Also, if you can't see how brilliant Troughton was by watching say Tomb of the Cybermen, The War Games or The Three Doctors then that is very unfortunate. Sorry, but this is one of the laziest pieces of writing/research I've seen.